Your Traditional Astrologer

I began casually studying astrology in fall of 2012. Little did I know that the field of astrology is vast and my learning would never end. My passion for astrology comes from how it has guided my life with a new level of clarity I had never experienced before. Being able to unravel how my life ties into greater planetary patterns while being sensitive to the finest shifts in their dynamics has been truly life changing. 

In 2021, I received my certification in Electional Astrology by Chris Brennan and appeared as a guest on his Auspicious Elections Podcast. Not long after, I also received my certification in his intensive Hellenistic Astrology course and completed his Professional Astrologer course. My self-study and completion of these courses has landed me to where I am at now with my practice; A traditional astrologer delineating the modern-day world.

Frequently Asked Questions

For timing, I apply multiple timing methods to maximize your timing utility in your practical endeavours, both personally and professionally. With my extensive knowledge in various timing techniques, I am able to synthesize real-time and symbolic timing measures to compile a holistic outlook for both the short-term and long-term. My go-to specialty is in electional astrology where I choose the best moments in time to take action, but use many other methods to inform chart selections and other timing overviews.

I use whole sign houses, the tropical zodiac, and Ptolemaic aspect configurations. I also use the traditional rulership schematic. This means that only the planets visible in the sky with the naked eye (Mercury to Saturn) and the two luminaries (Sun and Moon) are assigned essential dignity, which includes ruling signs by domicile and exaltation.

I draw from various traditional concepts and techniques such as the influence of Sect, Profections, Time Lords, Zodiacal Releasing, etc., and am committed to enriching myself with further astrological learnings. Much of my knowledge is heavily tethered to Hellenistic and Medieval Islamicate concepts.

As a traditional astrologer, while I may touch on some aspects regarding your motivations and how you internally navigate the world, most of my approach is geared towards how you integrate with external circumstances in your life.

  • Your birth time*, date, month, year, and location
  • A description of the action you are planning to undertake
  • A specified timeline of dates that the action can occur (required, ex. from July 1st-25th)
  • Any time restrictions on when the action can take place (ex. evenings only or weekends from 12pm-6pm)
  • The location that the event will take place in (ex. Toronto)

*Elections are one of few styles of astrology that you can get away using without knowing your birth time. If you don’t know your birth time but happen to know whether you were born between sunrise-sunset, or alternatively between sunset-sunrise, that would be extra helpful for me to narrow down ideal charts for your use.

For elections, I communicate via email. I will provide you with a written report outlining the best quality moments in time with an excerpt containing an analysis on each carefully chosen chart.

If I am offering live sessions, they will take place over Zoom. The link will be automatically created once a session has been booked.

Aside from electional offerings, I unfortunately cannot conduct a reading without an accurate birth time. Even a few minutes of change may drastically shift your chart. The best resource for confirming your birth time would be your birth certificate or equivalent records. It is also quite common for parents to be off for birth times (something I have also experienced myself, it was a busy time for them!) so I highly recommend double checking your birth certificate for confirmation. 

Not all astrologers have the same worldview when it comes to astrology as a whole! There are two notions that need to be addressed. 

First, does the astrologer view reality as partially pre-determined, or completely predetermined? By default, all astrologers accept some level of astrology pre-determining some of reality, however this is really a question of how much free will does one have? Second, is astrology causal, or is it a sign that reflects reality rather than causing it? Most people in modern times assume that all astrologers have seen astrology as a mechanism that causes events, when in fact many throughout history (and today) see it as signalling what is occurring in reality. Those who view it as signs see it much like how a clock that strikes noon can reasonably signal most people may be having their lunch, but the clock itself is not directly causing it. 

Both of these questions have answers that are shades of grey in between. Where do I stand? For now, I lean towards signals and a partially pre-determined reality where we still have some free will.


Here are some examples of key historical astrologers with different astrological worldviews:

Vettius Valens: Complete Determinism + Signals

Dorotheus of Sidon:  Partial Determinism + Signals

Claudius Ptolemy:  Partial Determinism + Causes

Firmicus Maternus:  Complete Determinism + Causes

I strongly recommend watching Ep. 303 from The Astrology Podcast titled “Astrology Consultations: Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Reading” as it covers this question with great detail.

Conditions and Disclaimers

Cancellation Policy

  • You can cancel your appointment up to 48 hours before your appointment. Please try to give me as much of an advanced notice as possible as I spend a few hours prepping for your session! After 15 minutes I will assume a no-show. No-shows can be rescheduled once without a refund. If you miss your rescheduled consultation, you will have to rebook another session without reimbursement.
    • Extreme circumstances occur. In the event that it does please notify me and I will accommodate you.
  • Electional reports are final sale.


  • I am not a replacement for professional advice regarding your medical conditions, financial advice and legal situation. I will redirect to appropriate professionals and/or fields as astrological offerings are not a substitute for professional advice. 
  • You are responsible for doing your due diligence before undertaking any actions with the additional support of an election. I cannot provide you with advice on which action to take and how to do it, those decisions need to be made on your own.
  • I do not provide elections for situations that impact your wellbeing and need to be addressed in a timely manner (for example, needing medical attention). If you think this fits your situation, please seek out the appropriate professional. I may also redirect to relevant professionals and/or fields myself.
  • I will not read anyone’s chart who is not present in the consultation. 
  • Please note that I am not a psychic, medium or witch of any kind. I only use astrological techniques in my practice.
  • I will not share your personal information or contents of your session with others, in part or as a whole, without your permission. I may use third-party services to facilitate scheduling and conducting a session, such as Zoom and Acuity Scheduling, who have their own privacy policies to review.
  • I thank you for your time and cooperation, these policies help me to bring you the best astrological services I can provide.