Elections are a powerful strategic timing tool

Do you have a special day coming up, or a project you've decided to launch but don’t know when? Let me help you take a hold of the sands of time for those important decisions you have in the near future! Elections are charts carefully selected ahead of time to guide you on when to take a specific course of action so that your endeavors receive another layer of support from the stars.
It's time for your personal preparations to meet celestial opportunities.
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"When it comes to electional astrology Aleena is the best of the best. I've used her electional charts for beginning some of the most nerve-wracking and important decisions of my life which include buying property and making career moves. If I wasn’t already married I would have used her to help determine a great date for that too! Using her reports gives me the confidence I am starting things at exactly the right time in order to have the support of the planets. In addition Aleena is prompt, professional and a joy to work with. I wouldn’t start an important event without her. Thanks Aleena!"
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"Getting this passport was very important to me. Last year I submitted my application but there were a few issues with it so it got denied. In search of cosmic guidance, Aleena chose the most auspicious days for submitting the papers again. Sooner than expected, I received the passport! Electional astrology is truly a life savior. Aleena was quite helpful and kind throughout the process 🙂 I am forever grateful for her help and recommend her services 100%. She is a super talented astrologer."

Tailored to your Unique Needs

Whether it's a small task or a memorable event, your individual story matters. Define your action and I'll find the moment. No need to feel shy when sharing details about your goals, they will play a part in writing your electional story.

Set Goals & Generate Ideas

Benefit from clear direction highlighting ideal uses and themes to leave behind for another time. Having a precise target date and time, coupled with topics to work with, provide motivation and a timeline for your goal.

You Are Always Center Stage

Your birth chart will be the deciding factor in choosing between hand-selected charts. Don't know your birth time? You can still get an event-focused election based on the action you are undertaking.

Layers of Techniques Used

Knowing where to start can be overwhelming with the sheer amount of methods available to use. I will take care of cross-referencing and applying various processes in a seamless manner, using only the best criteria to narrow down your personal auspicious moments.

  • 2 Custom Election Charts

    Hand-selected based on your unique needs. If you know your birth information, an additional layer of personalization occurs. Don't worry if you don't, the best of the celestial sky will be chosen for you.

  • In-Depth Explanations

    All chart selections are justified and described using astrological principles directly related to your needs.

  • Extensive Astrological Criterion Used

    Chart selections are rooted in training obtained in my electional astrology certification through Chris Brennan's course. They are further refined by additional Hellenistic, Medieval Islamicate, and Renaissance materials.

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