Uncover Your Personal Trends For The Year

Are you curious about the impact your birthday has astrologically? The moment that the Sun returns to the exact position it was when you were born activates key themes you will experience in that upcoming year.

Let’s map out your year ahead so you can make the most of it.

1-Hour Live Session Featuring

Timing Techniques

Application of various timing methods from Hellenistic and Medieval Islamicate astrological traditions include but are not limited to:

Solar Return

A new chart casted yearly for the exact moment the Sun returns to your birth position


An ancient method for pointing a light towards parts of your chart that get extra attention and influence this year

Zodiacal Releasing

An ancient method using your Lot of Fortune or Spirit to unlock your unique storyline


Real-time planetary movements connecting to your birth placements and activating other timing methods

Natal Rooting

All timing methods are linked back to your birth chart as a way to personalize their impacts on you

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“I’m fairly new to the world of astrology and booked a solar return session with Aleena, and wow, she does not disappoint. From the get go, you can tell Aleena is incredibly knowledgeable and puts in serious time and effort into her craft. She is very gifted in translating complicated astro terminology and techniques into easily understandable and consumable information. I asked her many questions throughout which she always listened to and responded thoughtfully and helped me through any confusion I had. Aleena gave me many important dates coming up in the year ahead, things to look forward to and things to be aware of and many more. I haven’t felt this excited for the future in a long time, I wrote down all of the dates of importance and can’t wait to plan my next year around some of those big dates to enhance my life. Aleena is truly a lovely person and your time with her will fly by! She is kind, caring, compassionate and will blow you away with her wealth of knowledge. I will definitely be returning to learn more from Aleena.“
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"I have had 2 astrology readings with Aleena. The first was a natal chart session, and she was so on point with my job and my character. Everything was totally accurate without me giving an inch of my info. The most important thing is that I also learned things about myself, and that made me understand my choice of hobbies, philanthropy, jobs, etc. I also got info on what I could expect for the following 6 months. Aleena is very pedagogical and she has a very soft and nice way of presenting info. My second session was also very good and she gave me more details regarding the topics I chose such as career. Again, Aleena gave me very reliable info that can guide me towards my future goals and she explained what planets affected me and how they affect me. A whole new and beautiful world of planets open up in sessions with Aleena. If you want to know more about yourself and the planets please book a session with the best astrologer I have ever met :)"
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“Aleena was conscientious, attentive, thorough and is a natural born teacher. Her approach and methods towards reading one’s natal chart and outlook is one founded in compassion, enthusiasm, but is also realistic and devout in explaining how the astrology may influence and impact the individual while also providing insight into the person and their narrative. To be quite honest I was surprised and enchanted by the breathe of her knowledge, her eagerness to explain and the strength of her ability to communicate and notice any underlying astrology immediately. She is quick to take note of things of importance and possesses an incredible ability to guide a person towards a deeper knowledge and integration of their own story as told by the astrology. To summarize; she is an absolute gift and treasure to the astrological community and coming across her and her knowledge and insight has been a blessing towards guiding and looking forward to not only my future goals, but my future path without hesitation or confusion and instead with remarkable enthusiasm for what path lays ahead. Be aware she will not skip around, and all of the items that may arise she will approach with sincerity and compassion, but she will be straightforward and honest without any hesitation on her part, however she will explain these things thoroughly, and kindly with a whole heart. Highly recommend.”
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“I scheduled a Solar Return session with Aleena because my life was fully of uncertainty and change. I was moving to a new town, looking for new employment, and felt overwhelmed by the amount of life changing decisions I had to make. After completing my session with Aleena, my worries and fears for the upcoming year disappeared. She reassured me that my future was bright by using several different timing techniques to illustrate events in my upcoming year. What I enjoyed the most about our session is that Aleena explains what all of the technical terms mean. She translates everything into common language that I can easily understand. It also amazes me how she can pinpoint life events down to the exact date. I always pay close attention to the important dates and times that Aleena tells me, and they are always spot on. Aleena is also thoughtful and very personable so I always leave our sessions feeling reassured and excited for the future.”
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“I had a reading with Aleena for my upcoming solar return and learned a lot. In just an hour Aleena jam packed general information, transits, and various timing techniques into my reading. She explained herself in an accessible way and checked in with me throughout the reading to see if I had any questions. Her attitude was positive and warm from beginning to end, which put me at ease. I booked her services on a bit of whim and I am glad that I did. If you’re looking for a reading that is comprehensive and accessible, I recommend Aleena.”

Know Your Celestial Trends

Anchored in ancient principles, adjusted for modern times.

Explore your burning questions or nurture your curiosity about what your personal timing patterns will be to make the most of your year.